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The Humanistic-Cultural Judaism unit of the Zionist Enterprises department at WZO, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, and Asif of Shitim institute, have joined forces to bring you this unique service for Hanukkah. Coming from a shared Cultural standpoint, we seek to offer North American communities and families new ways to engage the Jewish heritage through celebrating Hanukkah. We offer a new look at Israeli culture and thus a connection to Israel. In many Jewish Homes Hanukkah can bring light and warmth. We hope that these printed and online materials will help children in every family find the spirit of Hanukkah in a fun and meaningful way. Please join hundreds of families in your area and celebrate this holiday at home with the activities found in the kit.


Are you hosting a Family Candle lighting?

You can download, print and fold in two Asif's Family Candle Lighting leaflet. It's free and it's fun!
(Psst... We also have 7 more black & white leaflets for all of your holiday lightings, keep scrolling)

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